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  • Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to My Blog!

For several years I have been encouraged by friends and family members to start a blog!

So, here we go......

Welcome to EldementalsⒸ a blog for seniors and their families! The purpose of this blog is to help others, meaning older adults, caregivers, family and friends! I hope to provide you with the Eldementals!

What are Eldementals???

Eldementals are basically fundamentals for seniors that I have learned over the years and want to share with others! This blog is meant to be educational, supportive, helpful and useful, so I will try to provide information on a variety of topics in a simple and concise way! In addition, readers may ask questions or express concerns by messaging me! This site is all about sharing and caring!

So why am I doing this? I am not only a private geriatric care manager and a registered nurse for over 25 years, I am also someone who understands and someone who has been there. I will begin my blog posts by sharing some of my personal experiences in caring for my elderly parents. I hope that my story will help others to navigate the system in an easier way and to prevent difficult situations from occurring in their lives.

My story is one of frustration, joy, personal growth, and forgiveness.

Welcome to my blog!

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