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Fake News??

Proposed changes in healthcare legislation and modifications to existing programs that affect the elderly are a constant in the news today. This is a confusing and disconcerting time for everyone, filled with change and uncertainty. It is especially difficult when the internet has so much information that is being disseminated, some of which is fake news. What is true? What is real? Before reacting to stories, social media, etc, please consider the source! Ensure that you read information, posts, and news articles carefully and with caution... validate all sources before reacting. Try your best to always look for credible sources, that have a good reputation for validity and true reporting. The administration on aging and aarp ( are excellent sources for up to date and credible information. can provide a nice diversion by adding some humor to your day! It even has a senior forum to get a broader perspective on things and input from others. This too shall pass... in the mean time ensure that you stay current in an accurate way!!!

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