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  • Karen McPhail, RN, MSN

Care Management 2.0!

Virtual Care Management

I have many clients who need immediate answers, are in crisis, or would love to discuss client management or coordination of care face to face without having to coordinate and attend another meeting. Virtual Care Management is therefore something that I have started offering many clients. The advantage of this is that you can still have personal, face to face interactions that are often times really vital, but in a more convenient, cost effective, and timely way. Virtual care management is effective for several reasons. Most Care Managers begin to bill clients from the time they leave their office and until they return. Mileage is also added as an additional cost to the client. With virtual care management there are no travel costs, mileage or additional fees and face to face discussions can still be done timely and effectively. No one can ever afford to waste funds or time when managing care for a loved one. It is therefore important to have options when coordinating care. Many times face to face interactions will still be essential and needed from time to time, but virtual options if available can allow individuals to still have personalized, high quality and responsive service without the additional fees and loss of personal time. Feel free to contact me if interested in more information regarding virtual care management options.

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