• Karen McPhail, RN, MSN

Keep calm and move on...

Healthcare in the news... It's all we can talk about this week with warranted concerns. Despite the recent GOP win, nothing is as if yet set in stone as this is just the beginning! The bill still needs to head to the Senate for approval. Soon we will hopefully see some reports regarding how this bill will truly impact Americans if it indeed does pass the next stages of hopefully heavy scrutiny. Will the Senate members listen to their constituents? I sure hope so! We are sure to see more debates, drama and issues as things continue to unfold with the next set of decision makers. We are likely to continue to see others placing blame, casting judgement and along the way we may even see some common sense statements being made. I again sure hope so! What will really shake out at the end? Clearly, no one really knows! So, for now stay calm, keep reading, and reach out to those in charge! Make yourself heard! We are perhaps in for a bit of a bumpy ride, but remember everything cycles and changes overtime.... this too shall pass or rather hopefully not pass!

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