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Nursing Facility Information

I have a new client who is looking at nursing facilities for a family member. As usual I am guiding them through this process and providing insight and suggestions. They have visited a number of facilities and have spoken with friends and others in the community who have had a variety of experiences. Along the way my client has heard some good things, some bad things, and some things that are worth considering. One area that my client did not realize during this process is that they could readily access inspection results, reported complaints and noted deficiencies for the facilities being considered. This information is easy to locate online. Facilities will also provide you with this if you inquire.

Just as life unfolds with its challenges, no situation or place is perfect or without areas for change and improvement. Be realistic with your expectations. Sometimes, however, viewing inspection results can provide insight into the facility focus, culture, and ongoing or repetitive issues. These reports along with other information can allow you as a consumer to decide on what items are most important and what will be a good or acceptable fit for your family member. Always look at the big picture when considering a move for a loved one. Start broad and then focus!

So before moving forward get guidance, information and do your homework! You will thank yourself later!!!!! And as always consider consulting a Care Advisor or Geriatric Care Manager for advice and guidance!

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