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Travel Tips for Seniors Part 1!

As we get older we often times finally have the time to travel! I encourage older adults to take advantage of some of the great travel opportunities out there, especially the senior discounts! Take the time to appreciate the open time! Fully enjoy all that you have worked so hard for throughout your life! Venture to a new and exciting place that you have always dreamed of going!

Prior to leaving, I encourage seniors take a few simple planning steps to ensure a successful and stress free journey!

1. Ensure that you purchase trip insurance as a part of any travel package. Make sure that air fair is refundable and understand the purchase terms. It is better to be safe than sorry when planning time away!

2. If traveling out of the country, also purchase travel insurance in case you would become ill while abroad! Travel insurance can be expensive, but it is often times worthwhile! You do not want to be in another country and have no means to pay for or access necessary care. Plans can include medical expense coverage, trip interruption, emergency travel services and more. Explore plans fully before moving forward with one!

3. See your primary care physician prior to leaving. Do this about a month before travel to ensure that you have ample time for any recommended immunizations, treatments or medications. You want to ensure that you are in good health before leaving and understand any preventative measures to take before and during your trip. Your primary care physician may also send you on your trip with antibiotics or other medications to use in the case of an emergency if abroad.

4. This leads me to the next area, medications! Ensure that you have your medications filled and packed prior to leaving. Plan to pack at least 3 extra days of extra medication in case your travel plans are delayed, etc. Never put your medications into checked baggage, always keep them on your person in a carry on!!! Print out a typed or neatly written list of your medications, with name (generic and brand), dosages, past medical history and allergies in case of emergency. Always, place your medications locked in your room safe once you reach your destination.

5. Ensure that you give friends and family your travel plans and exact itinerary with flight information, hotels, etc prior to leaving! It is best to be safe in case of emergencies!

6. Group travel and tours can be a great way to safely travel. Often times traveling with a group can provide an additional buffer of safety, security, and resources in case of emergencies or issues! Traveling with a group can also be more social and enjoyable for some. Meeting new people and having a set social group for tours, meals and to access throughout often times enhances the travel experience!

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