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Healthcare Repeal

As you know, today the senate voted to begin debate of the healthcare repeal bill. I know that today’s decision was difficult for many people across the country. I truly understand what it means for many families and especially seniors. In the midst of all of this uncertainty, it is easy to give up, stand down, and feel defeated! But, no matter where you stand on this issue, you must speak out and be heard. You can help to shape the future of healthcare and where our country is headed in this regard! I am here along the way to listen, to post your comments on my blog and to speak out for seniors! I am listening and here for you! Healthcare is a right, not a privilege! And nothing matters more to me than ensuring that proper healthcare is available for all. The path is unclear and the future is concerning, but along the way do not give up hope! Move forward and be heard! If everyone can come together we can still make a positive change! We cannot simply allow health care to be shaped by those who have their own interests and political agendas at the core. Take the time to get involved! If everyone can work together we can help to shape and build affordable and reasonable health care for all! The actual vote will be in the coming only days. Keep calling, reaching out, and be heard!


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