• Karen McPhail, RN, MSN

Healthcare the next steps...

So what are the next steps going forward for healthcare??? I have received many messages regarding this already today!

Of course the House Republicans have probably begun to discuss the next steps. and Paul Ryan at this point is most likely trying to determine the basic structure for moving forward and the best next steps to take.

In the mean time, as citizens we need to continue to have our voices heard and monitor things closely. As of right now tensions are high, anger is in the air and we are clearly unsure of what the response will be to all of this. But, there will need to be a response and we all need to be prepared and ensure that our representatives continue to know our concerns and how we want things to be shaped going forward.

So what are the next steps, none of us really know. The key issue is philosophical I feel....

It is about truly forming consensus on the part of our decision makers on what healthcare in the USA and the governments role in healthcare is going to be! This is truly the key issue and the stumbling block....

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