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Adding Protein and Calories Easily and with Success!

Many seniors struggle with healing and weight loss post illness or injury. During times of healing, an individuals calorie needs are now greater than usual because their body needs energy to heal properly. Generally, one needs to consume about 15-20 calories per pound of body weight to heal. (using your ideal or post illness body weight). If overall energy and protein needs are not met, muscles and ligaments will begin to break down, thus compromising healing, leading to other health issues and prolonging recovery.

The standard advise given is to add nutritional supplement drinks such as Boost or Ensure. Often times seniors do not get enough from these drinks and they can be filling and therefore deter a well balanced, recommended diet.

I have found over the years that a different approach works really well for many of my clients. I encourage a well balanced diet, as outlined by the clients physician, but usually including a variety of foods, such as fruits, vegetables, protein. Dining needs to be enjoyable and social to encourage an appetite. For those needing additional protein and calories I recommend strongly: BENECALORIE®

BENECALORIE® is a terrific and easy way to enhance foods with more calories and protein. A single 1.5 fl oz serving contains 330 calories, 7 grams of high quality protein, and mixes well into most foods and beverages. Basically all you do is stir and add to your favorite foods or drinks!

Benecalorie® can be added to milkshakes, nutritional drinks, yogurt, puddings, hot cereal, eggs, mashed potatoes. Their website offers a recipes section for more delicious ideas!

Basically it is tasteless and can be added to anything!!!!

It is appropriate for these diets: lactose intolerance*, gluten-free, low-residue, kosher, cholesterol-free

*Not for use with individuals with galactosemia

BENECALORIE® can be purchased online through Amazon, Walmart and through other vendors. It is fairly cost effective and worth every penny, as it will quickly impact healing and recovery!

One reminder regarding all my posts! I never have a formal relationship with any vendor discussed. I do not receive compensation ever from vendors at any time!

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