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Cassidy- Graham...

Notable quotes:

" An analysis released Thursday morning buttresses a growing body of evidence that the Senate’s Cassidy-Graham health-care bill would slash federal spending on health coverage and cause most states to lose billions of dollars in such aid. "

" the plan to dismantle much of the Affordable Care Act would cut federal spending on health insurance by an average of 11 percent between 2020 and 2026 in the 31 states, plus the District of Columbia, that have expanded their Medicaid programs under the law. The states that have not expanded Medicaid — all but one led by Republicans — would gain an average of 12 percent during that period. As a result, states that kept their Medicaid programs small would receive an extra $73 billion, while the federal money to the Medicaid expansion states would be cut by a total of $180 billion."

“I am all for some state flexibility,” Kaiser President Drew Altman said Thursday, “but by cutting and dramatically redistributing federal funds and asking each state to come up with their own health system, this bill runs the risk of a free-for-all with confusion and potentially chaos for many years to come.”

For the Recent Washington Post article see link below:

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