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What Exactly Does a Care Advisor Do?

In today's world healthcare professionals have so many different roles, which at times can make things confusing for those trying to navigate the system and connect with appropriate resources! As a result, I am often asked about what exactly a Geriatric Care Manager or Care Advisor does. I will do my best below to simply answer this frequently asked question.

I have listed a few of the main areas covered for clients in need!

  • Care management and coordination for those with complex disease processes

  • Out of State / Distant Family Care Management

  • Interdisciplinary Care Coordination

  • Consultation and Assessments

  • Cognitive Evaluations

  • Customized Care Plans

  • Customized daily routines and activity programs for those with cognitive impairments

  • Healthcare Advocacy and elder care attorney referrals

  • Concierge style health management

  • Relocation Services and alternative Living Coordination

  • Coordination of and Assistance with medical appointments, consults, and testing

  • Transportation Coordination

  • Benefits and Insurance Review

  • Long term care insurance assistance

  • Assistance with Medicaid programs

  • Socialization Assistance

  • Medical Equipment and Home Modification

  • Decluttering and Organization

  • Caregiver Education

  • Behavior Modification Assistance

  • Family Supportive Services

  • In facility quality review

I work in collaboration with physicians, hospitals, discharge planners, elder care law attorneys, individuals and families impacted by acute, chronic, or degenerative conditions, banks and trusts, guardians and powers of attorney, SNF, AL, IL, rehab and LTC communities, home health agencies, PT, OT, Speech, Nutrition, hospice organizations, adult protective services, adult day care centers, group homes, and social workers. I strive to be a patient advocate and to ensure that high quality care is delivered to my clients within the guidelines of their specified wishes. I serve as a support to family and loved ones. I love what I do!

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