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My father was a wise man. He used to always say that you do not have any real problems in life until you have a health problem. And then, the world stops... you no longer worry about trivial matters and the truly important things in life begin to surface. You begin to see with clarity what IS really important, who IS truly there for you, and your focus completely shifts...

So that being said, I hope that today is a good day and that you are healthy, happy, and living life fully! Do not wait for something to happen and force you take notice of the simple joys of life. Take time to slow down and really notice the wonderful things that are all around you and that you often pass by so quickly while rushing from place to place. Show appreciation for those around you and be thankful and kind. Remember that simple acts of kindness can make a difference. Jump off the hamster wheel for a few minutes and pause to appreciate the simple pleasures of life ... the wonderful foods, the amazing people, the breeze, the sun in your face, all the nature that is around you waiting to be noticed, and more.

A day never passed when my mother did not take notice of or remark on the simple joys of life. I have always admired her for this. Sometimes when I became busy, rushing, or appearing overwhelmed she would pause and remark on how gorgeous the sky was, on how beautiful the snow seemed to be falling, or the beauty of the changing leaves in the fall. These words would make me stop, pause, and quickly put me back on track. I hope that if you are having a busy day, or feeling overwhelmed in caring for a loved one, that the above will help you to move forward on your path in a more peaceful way today!

Life is not without challenges; everything in life happens for a reason. Find purpose in each challenge and try to move forward appreciating the moments of joy that still exist among the chaos.

Happy Friday!

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