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Simplifying Medication Administration at Home!

I am often consulted to assist with medication administration and compliance for clients at home. I have recommended standard pill boxes, automated boxes to provide reminders and more! The problem with the traditional pill box and the automated are that someone needs to fill the box at least monthly. This can lead to errors, extensive caregiver time, and other issues long term.

I have recently started to recommend another approach to many of my clients: PillPack.

PillPack has redesigned and streamlined every part of the medication management process to make things easier for those at home! They help in the following ways:

- They eliminate the need to sort medications, as they sort your medication by the dose into individual packets.

- You never need to wait in line at a pharmacy

- They provide all the instructions clearly for administration that you need on the packets.

- They deliver directly to your door, every month or more often if needed.

- They follow up on refills and refill requests!

- They work with your doctors to automatically manage your refills.

So how does it work?

Every month they will deliver:

- Your medication, including vitamins and OTC’s, sorted by the dose. Other common pharmacy items, like testing supplies, inhalers, and creams are also provided.

- Medications will be packaged into easy-to-open packets, that fit into a discreet dispenser. They are marked clearly with the day and time for the medications to be given. Each medication and dosage is also indicated on the packet.

- They will monitor your account, so You Don’t Have to Worry!!!

- They will automatically work with your doctors and process your refills.

- They will regularly review your medication schedule. and provide information and teaching regarding your medications as needed.

- They will manage your bills and claims directly with your insurance.

- You’ll Have What You Need, When You Need It!

- Traveling? Their pharmacists will make sure that you have enough medication when you’re away.

- You can easily order or pause as-needed medication, like creams and testing supplies.

- If you need a last-minute medication, they can ship it to you overnight.

- They will also update Your Medications as they change!

-They will let your doctors know that PillPack is your preferred pharmacy, so they can automatically receive new scripts.

- If you need to update your vitamins or OTC’s? You, your care manager, or a designated family member can make changes in the dashboard online or call them directly.

PillPack takes the time, worry, and frustration out of medication administration. It also provides pills in a safe, sealed and compact manner to avoid issues!

If you would like more information about PillPack or guidance regarding medication management and compliance issues at home please feel free to contact me!

I am never compensated by ANY vendors! The above information is based on professional experience only!

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