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Signs of Cognitive Impairment

Those with cognitive impairment can show subtle signs that are often missed by family members or simply dismissed. Many individuals are able to cover symptoms and appear conversationally normal for some time while living independently. However, overtime symptoms effect daily functioning, begin to surface and become apparent to others. Below are some of the signs of cognitive impairment which should prompt one to seek additional guidance and consider a physician evaluation.

  • Memory loss (particularly short term memory)

  • Intermittent Confusion

  • Repeating the same stories over and over

  • Concentration or focus problems

  • Personality or behavioral changes

  • Social isolation or withdrawal

  • Depression

  • Sleep disturbances or acting out dreams

  • Loss of the ability to complete simple everyday tasks

* Symptoms vary depending upon the specific disease process

Remember that forgetfulness is a normal aspect of aging and not a specific indicator of a cognitive impairment. Dementia is not forgetting your keys, it is forgetting what your keys are for...

Please feel free to reach out to me at any time on my contact page if needing guidance or support! I can assist in forming a daily routine and structured plan for your loved one that will not only bring you comfort, assist to maximize their abilities and functionality.

Dementia is a journey best travelled with support and others!

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