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  • Karen Mcphail

The Importance of forming an Emergency Plan!

An an aging life care manager(or also known as a Geriatric care manager or care advisor), I assess and attempt to plan for all possible outcomes in regards to my clients. One area that I always address is an emergency plan! I am always surprised that most people do not have a basic emergency plan in place for health care and weather related emergencies.

Here is a basic start:

1. Keep list of your past medical information on a clip board or large envelope at home in a central place for access. Include current medical and past surgical information, allergies, current medication list with dosage and frequency, and your health care decision makers names and contact information. A copy of your advanced directive, your insurance cards, and license is also nice to keep with this information for easy access. if everything is organized and together it makes things much easier for all in the event of a medical emergency!

2. Have a detailed plan for severe weather. I provide my clients or client representatives with a checklist type form that we customize together. It is important to ensure that snow removal and salting is covered, transportation, food delivery, emergency power, alternate living arrangements, medications, home caregiver plans, and more are addressed and planned for.

Stay ahead of the game by having distinct plans in place for the unexpected! You will thank yourself later! If you need assistance in forming an emergency plan for yourself or a family member feel free to contact me via the contact me tab!

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