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  • Karen Mcphail

Rainy Day Safety Guidelines for Seniors!

Rain can be an irritation and hazard for most people, but especially for seniors! When pavement, grass and other areas become wet they increase one’s chance of slipping, falling and becoming injured. In addition, driving can also become difficult or a hazard due to visibility and road issues. On rainy days take note of the following safety suggestions before venturing out and about! - As a standing rule...if you do not need to go out during the rain, stay indoors. Avoid hazards and the potential for injury directly when possible.

- Dress for the weather and to prevent injury. Wear flat, comfortable, well fitting, shoes or boots with slip resistant soles. Good traction and water proof material will be essential when going out. Wet feet can lead to some major issues especially if diabetic. Minor skin problems due to damp feet can become bigger problems quickly.

-Bring a cane or walker if having even minor mobility issues or when in doubt. It is better to be safe than sorry, so be proactive by protecting yourself and providing support for proper mobility.

-Dress in layers. Wear a waterproof or water resistant fabric rain coat when heading out. A rain hat is also a nice idea. You do not want to become chilled or wet. Prolonged moisture and cold will lower your resistance and can pave the way to infection.

-Ensure that you have an umbrella handy. If having mobility issues, stay indoors or have someone accompany you, as navigating an umbrella and a cane or walker will be too much to balance and is just not safe.

-If driving, ensure that you have the essentials in working order in terms of your car. Windshield wipers should be in good operation, windshield wiper fluid should be filled. Drive slowly and for the conditions; do not let other drivers or passengers pressure you to go above your comfort level. If you have a minor skid do not overreact or over correct; drive as usual. If uncomfortable driving in the rain do not go out, reschedule any appointments or have some asset with transport arrangements.

- Rushing and stress will lead to injury. Take it slow when outside and on wet surfaces; never rush or feel rushed. Leave early for any appointments to give yourself ample time and avoid any stress which can again lead to falls and injury.

Do not let a preventable injury take the joy out of spring! Stay safe and dry!

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