Floatation Therapy

Something for caregivers to consider for stress reduction...

Floatation therapy can be used as a holistic approach to healing, mind and body revitalization, and overall health management.

The benefits of floatation therapy include: stress reduction (as most people have a build up of stress that is held in the body), tension relief, improved sleep, assistance with addiction, mood elevation and decreased anxiety.

This therapy is often used by athletes and personal trainers, however it may be of benefit to caregivers as they experience prolonged stress, lack of or disrupted sleep, and overstimulation. If you are a caregiver seeking stress relief this may be something to try!

During floatation therapy an individual is assisted to reach a deep meditative state similar to when one sleeps. Slower brain waves are produced while in this state which can lead to feelings of calmness, tranquility, and peace. Due to deep relaxation and clarity people often have creative thoughts and insights during or shortly after floatation therapy. For many caregivers who feel overwhelmed this can be helpful in assisting them to move forward and find balance and clarity again.

You can find a floatation therapy center near you by doing a simple internet search! Sometimes trying something new can help to break the cycle, assist in finding joy, and moving forward! Enjoy!

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