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Putting the bling in your new ride!

I often find that many of my clients require a walker, cane or wheelchair as they grow older. This is many times met with resistance and frustration which then leads to non compliance, unsafe use, and injury. In an attempt to help them some to embrace a creative, positive approach, I have started creating bling boxes for some of my higher risk clients. This is clearly not appropriate for all clients, but it is one way to help some seniors to adjust to and become more accepting of this change. I always want individuals to feel that their input is being valued, that their independence is being supported, and that they have a feeling of control over there future.

When one picks out a car they are even a list of options...this can be the same with adaptive equipment. People are often times drawn to the intersting options, such as special color combinations, wheels, exterior finishes, etc. So why not do the same with a cane, wheelchair, or walker? Listen to your loved one and try to find a win win for all!

So the next time your loved one is getting frustrated by their new mode of transportation perhaps take a look online for something that they may like or even try a trip to the craft store to find a positive and fun way to make this item more their own and on their terms! There is always a way!

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