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Storms in our area

The National Weather Service says damaging winds are possible in a strong line of storms hitting the DC Metro Area!

These storms may produce damaging winds and widespread power outages:

Take precautions:

1. Secure items outside your home by either tying them down or placing them indoors. You do not want to leave items outdoors that can blow away, cause damage, or fly through a window.

2. Locate an interior room of your house, the basement or an interior bathroom is best. An area without windows! Go to this area for tornado warnings or if you need to take shelter.

3. Charge any telephones for as long as possible. Take out any flashlights and flameless candles to have handy in case the power goes out without warning.

4. Report any power outages promptly!

For Dominion Power, call 1-866-366-4357; online at; for NOVEC, call 1-888-335-0500; online at

5. Report about any items down- trees and wires:


5.) Follow your favorite weather news source for more details, including Fairfax Alerts if you're not subscribed: You can follow updates from the National Weather Service here:

6. Stay inside and be safe. Do not venture out or take any unnecessary chances!

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