• karen McPhail

Simple Outings for Seniors with Mild Cognitive Impairments

Many seniors live alone, experience loneliness, and truly require more socialization opportunities. Some embrace the chance to go out, while others are a little more hesitant. Often times people start to withdrawal socially when they begin to experience memory deficits or mild cognitive issues. Socialization and appropriate stimulation, however, is very important especially for those with mild cognitive impairments. I have therefore come up with the following list of simple outings for those with mild cognitive impairment that may help if looking for ways to occupy a family member or get them back out, connecting, living fully, and socializing.

1. A trip to the library.

2. A trip to the salon or spa

3. An outing at a local or favorite restaurant or afternoon tea

4. Assisting with errands for a family member with support/ guidance

5. Attending a community activity or show

6. Going to a movie

7. Shopping at the mall or an outdoor shopping plaza

8. Going miniature golfing or fishing

9. Attend church, a church group, or synagogue

10. Preparing some simple items for a family dinner or get together

11. Going on a picnic

12. Attending an art of craft show

13. Going to a play or musical program

14. Visit a flower show, botanical garden, or garden center

15. Visit a museum or art gallery

16. Visit a zoo, a petting zoo, a farm, butterfly, bird, or animal sanctuary.

17. Go to a seasonal event such as a pumpkin patch, hay ride, tree lighting

18. Go on a historic filed trip or visit a memorial (she local ideas are Mt. Vernon, Williamsburg)

19. Go on a lunch cruise (the Cherry Blossom cruise in DC is wonderful)

20. Go to a nature park to take a walk, see the water and nature.

21. Go to the beach

22. Visit some caverns (such as Luray)

23. Go to a botanical garden to see the flowers

24. Go to a specialty bakery or do a coking class

25. Go apple or fruit picking

26. Attend some cultural or seasonal festivals.

27. Go the ballet, symphony, a play or other theater event

28. Go to an educational programs or lecture series (the Smithsonian is excellent)

29. Go dancing or try yoga, Tai Chi, or Zumba classes

30 Try the Circus or Cirque du Soleil

31. Try a local farmers market trip

32. Go on a train ride

33. Try Antiquing or flea markets

34. Gardening (elevated patio planters can be a great option)

35. Try some yard games such as corn hole, bocci, horse shoes

35. Go to an exercise or swimming class

36. Go to a club meeting or activity at a senior center

37. Try a memory cafe meeting (search online for group in your area)

38. Photography at an area of interest

39. Shop for items for a photo album and assemble

Find what is interesting for your loved one and help them to get back to living and finding moments of joy!

For more ideas you can visit a terrific site called: ElderOneStop for activities by the month and season!!!


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