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A Day in the Life of a Care Manager

Many people ask me what exactly a Care Manager does over the course of a day, so that being said I wanted to give an overview of a typical day for me at work...

7 am: Read and return messages from clients and family members via email, text, and telephone.

9 am: Attend a care plan meeting at an assisted living facility with a family and client to discuss and provide input into the resident plan of care. Reinforce the importance of individualized resident focused care and resident input into all plans.

10:15 am: Visit client at their home to discuss relocation to assisted living and begin plans with client and family.

12 noon: Visit client and family to do a care management assessment with cognitive focus to assist in helping client to age in place and be best cared for in their home.

1:15 pm: Return calls and answer client emails.

1:30 pm: Visit several clients in assisted living facilities to do quality of care reviews and provide guidance on plan of care. Spend some time talking with clients about current events, concerns, and areas of interest.

4 pm: Conference call with new client who is a guardian / conservator regarding a care concern in a memory care facility.

4:30 pm: Follow up on specifics for a client long distance relocation: Arrange for furniture rental, movers for specific items, transportation company, travel via airlines, private duty caregiver interviews, phone and cable service for client, and facility physician admission paperwork and nursing assessment follow up.

6pm: Return calls and emails to clients and others involved in client care (attorneys, families, nurses, physicians, PT, OT, Speech, movers).

7 pm: Give a community talk on how to best support a loved one with Dementia.

9 pm: Return home - check email and voice mail, assemble a sensory stimulation box for client in am to assist with bathing issues, confirm appointments for facility tours for a client for the next day, write up assessment and progress notes from throughout the day for client files.

Bed time!

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