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An Easy and Cost Effective Way to Check in on Family Members!

Do you have a family member who is far away, at a nursing facility, or living alone and you would like to be able to easily check in on them from time to time? Remind them to take their medication? Or even just chat for a few minutes?

Try the easy amazon echo products and use the drop in feature!

The optional Drop In feature allows you to easily connect with your family members!

Drop In is an optional feature that helps you to instantly connect, hands free, with the Echo devices in your home. You can enable by saying, "Drop in on Home." When you enable Drop In and grant permission to your devices, this also applies to your household members or family members through your account

Note: Alexa supports Drop In and calling between all the Echo devices on the customer's account. If you have more than two devices, you can specify the device you want to connect with by name.

You can also say, “Drop in on Home,” and Alexa lists the devices that are in your home.

Compatible Devices are those available in the Alexa app (only for starting Drop In) and on all Echo devices, except:

Amazon Tap

Echo Look

Amazon Connect

So how do you get started??

Before you can use Drop In with your friends or family that have an Echo device, you need to:

Sign up for the full Alexa Calling and Messaging experience through the app.

Enable Drop In for a contact.

Have a contact enable Drop In for you.

Check that your device is compatible with the Drop In feature.

Then, when you drop in on your device, or a contact's device, the light ring on your Echo pulses green, you connect automatically, and can hear anything within range of the device. If you and your contact are using devices with screens, your contact also sees a frosted glass video that transitions to clear video shortly after connecting.

You can turn off the video at any point during the Drop In by saying, "Video off" or by touching the screen and selecting the Video Off button.

This is a terrific and cost effective way to check in on family members or provide additional socialization during the day. It also helps to minimize the potential for injury as sometimes seniors rush to get the phone.

The echo can also play terrific music, provide reminders, and even play games!

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