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Accushield Facilities

There are now around 6 facilities in the northern, Va area that have Accushield in place. So what exactly is Accushield and why is this beneficial for those living in an Accushield property?

Accushield is a touchscreen visitor management system designed to enhance security in senior living! It not only replaces the paper log books at the front desk with a first-class Visitor Management System that signs-in families, friends, third-party caregivers, and other vendors, it also prescreens care related individuals and tracks information.

The following feature ensure enhanced safety and quality care for residents:

1. The sign-in tablet takes photos of visitors and third-party healthcare providers, allowing management true visitor visibility.

2. The community management team can be notified via text or email when specified visitors sign-in. They can also see a list of the visitors and residents who are in the community from a computer, smartph

one or tablet.

4. The web-based analytics system is designed to track and report on the self-employed private caregivers, home health, hospice and other third-party care providers that care for your residents.

Ask about Accushield when considering a facility for yourself or a family member.

For more information visit:

The following local organizations have Accushield in place:

Singh Properties

Five Star Senior living

Belmont Village




Oaks Senior Living


Thrive Senior Living

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