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Local Outings to Beat the Summer Heat!

The summer is a terrific time to vacation and enjoy the sun! However, once the July heat and humidity sets in, we are often struggling and desperate for some relief! We are fortunate that, even in the summer heat, there are endless activity options for seniors in the DC metro area! So approach the heat as an opportunity to try something new or encourage a loved one to do the same.

Try some indoor classes such as water aerobics or enjoy a relaxing swim in a lap pool. Tai Chi, pilates, and yoga are also terrific exercise options for seniors that have long-term health benefits. These types of activities are especially beneficial since they are easy on their joints and help with flexibility and strengthening for maintaining mobility. Many community centers or private health clubs offer a great deal of indoor classes and are a cost-effective way to cool off and remain active.

If exercise is not your thing, perhaps plan a visit to one of the local museum programs. The International Spy Museum, The Newseum, and The National Museum of the American Indian have fun and interactive exhibits, guided tours, and programs. The Smithsonian has ever changing programs and the butterfly pavilion is a terrific way to relax. The Kennedy Center has year round programs for seniors that can be accessed online and many are free of charge. Try a local theater program or event! The National Portrait Gallery has the Docent’s Choice Tour on the first and third Saturday each month. If you enjoy history arrange for a day trip to Mt. Vernon or a weekend in Williamsburg to take in the sights and sounds of the past. The historic Williamsburg Inn is conveniently located at the center of it all and has exceptional dining, an onsite spa, and other activities and services perfect for seniors. The national aquarium and Luray caverns are also just a short car ride away! If you have not tried one of the the indoor escape room locations in our area, you may want to take the time to experience their themed part scavenger hunt, part puzzle-solving adventures, where small groups work together as a team to escape. Or you may want to tap into your creative side while socializing at a paint bar where you can enjoy wine, cheese, painting, and conversation!

No matter how you decide to spend your time cooling off, you are sure to find something engaging to see or do around your area! Be creative, open-minded, and take time to enjoy something new!

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