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  • Karen McPhail, RN, MSN

Staying Active in the Fall!

Fall is just about upon us! The air is becoming a little cooler, the leaves have started to change a bit and gently fall, the days will soon become shorter, and everyone must begin to prepare for the inevitable colder weather.

It is time to pull out your sweaters and overcoats again as the brutal heat and humidity is almost behind us! Although much of nature appears to be coming down around us, autumn is often thought of as a time of rebirth and change. It is a time to slow down a bit, reflect, focus, and regroup. The excitement of summer is perhaps gone, but the beauty of fall remains. The cooler weather presents one with the perfect opportunity to stay active which is vital for all seniors! Staying active often enhances mobility and strength while supporting social interaction, which generally makes a significant impact on one’s overall mood, cognition, and self confidence. Approach fall as a time to begin anew and form healthy habits in terms of exercise and socialization! Branch out a bit, try some new things, and take advantage of this beautiful season!

The DC Metro Area has so many outdoor opportunities during the autumn months. Try some of these senior approved outings: the Mount Vernon Wine Festival and Sunset Tour, the Loudoun County or National Harbor Oktoberfest, Temple Hall Fall Festival, the Maryland Renaissance Festival, Cox Farm, Wayside Farms, Loudoun County Great Country Farm, Montpelier Farms, Yankey Farms, Gaver Farm, Jumbo’s pumpkin patch, Knightongale Farm, Summers Farm, Liberty Mills Farm, and other local farm festivals, the corn maze and country festivities in the Plains, harvest days at Butler’s, Rock Hill, or Market - Miller Orchards, the Appaloosa Country and Folk Music Festival, Snallygaster Craft Beer Festival, apple picking at the National Apple Harvest Festival near Gettysburg, Harry Potter themed- Queen City Mischief and Magic, St. Marys US Oyster festival, Capitol Hauntings of the US Capitol or the Most Haunted Houses Tour in DC, Wolf Trap concerts, programs, or barn events, and the Taste of Georgetown, which highlights local restaurants! You may also want to check out a new indoor activity - a sip and paint studio, an escape room with their fun scavenger hunt type, themed rooms, or even a local yoga or pilates studio to improve flexibility, strength, mobility and make some new friends! No matter how you decide to spend your time, take advantage of the season, have fun, and make lasting memories! Grab a warm sweater and get ready to hear the crunch of those autumn leaves under your feet!

If you are outside of the DC Metro Area search the internet for similar ideas in your local area!

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