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  • Karen Mcphail and Elisa Reiner, Care With Love

Why Home Care?

There is simply no place like home! Home is where we have our family celebrations, build our memories, and form the foundation of our life in many ways.

We have all met families that have been in the same home all their lives. Perhaps they moved into their home after getting married and raised their children there, then when their kids moved out, they stayed in the area and now everyone spends the holidays at Grandma and Grandpa’s house every year. No matter what the story may be, the same thing reigns true, your home is a place that is your own, where you find comfort, feel safe, and welcome. So, when one is forced out of their comfort zone, it can be a hard transition, especially for the senior population. But is relocation always necessary? In many situations seniors can easily age in place without leaving their comfort zone!

Home Care is a way to provide the care that someone needs without removing them from an environment where they feel safe. No matter what company one chooses to work with, the goal is the same, keep Mr. or Mrs. Smith home for as long as you can.

Home care provides one on one care, as opposed to being in a community where the caregivers have multiple patients. This allows a caregiver to become more than just someone visiting your home, but also someone you can consider a friend, someone who truly cares for you, and has your best intentions at heart. When illness strikes, with one on one care, positive changes are often seen faster. In addition, potential issues and problems can be identified sooner which can impact health and overall well being. Care plans can be customized to better accommodate the client and families are able to get to know exactly who is taking care of mom or dad.

Top Reasons to choose Home Care:

  • Independence – In home care, allows for an environment that patients feel they are still able to be safe, but can remain independent. With some changes to their daily routine, they still have the freedom they desire.

  • Family – In home care encourages families to stay involved with their loved one’s caregiving. They can convey concerns directly to a caregiver and are free to come and go as they please.

  • Personal – One on one care and attention mean that all your loved one’s needs can be met without all the loops that are often found in facilities. Plans are created for each person individually which means better outcomes in the long run.

  • Cost- In home care allows you to pick and choose the amount of care you need. This can mean less of a financial strain on families.

  • Control and Privacy - Home care allows for you to choose who will be assisting with your care needs rather than having a care community assign someone to you! You can enjoy the privacy and comfort of your own home while having customized services to meet your needs.

  • Added safety and comfort: When a person has in home care they tend to make safer choices when doing daily tasks because they have support from others which minimizes unsafe tasks and falls. In addition, if you need to go to the hospital your caregiver can come to assist , supplement and be an extra support and advocate for your care needs.

Feel free to reach out if you need guidance on a trusted home caregiver agency! There are so many and often difficult to sort out! I am always happy to help!

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