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Holiday Travel Considerations: Planning Is Key!

As the holiday season fast approaches, many are beginning to make travel plans! Be mindful when planning and follow these simple steps to make the most of your adventures!

Planning For Successful Holiday Travel!

1. Consider purchasing trip insurance as a part of any travel package. Make sure that air fair is refundable and understand the purchase terms. 2. If traveling abroad, consider purchasing travel insurance. Travel insurance can be expensive, but is often times worthwhile! Plans include medical expense coverage, emergency travel services and more. Explore plans fully before moving forward with one! 3. See your primary care physician at least a month before traveling to ensure that you have time for any recommended immunizations, treatments or medications. You also want to ensure that you are in good health and ready for travel without any risks. If additional planning is needed to accommodate any medical needs while away, you will also want ample time to coordinate! 4. Have your medications filled and packed prior to leaving. Pack 3 extra days of medication in case your travel plans are delayed. Never put your medications into checked baggage; always keep medications in a carry on! Keep with you a typed list of your medications, health history, allergies, and emergency contact person(s). Always, place your medications locked in your room safe once you reach your destination. 5. Give friends and family your travel plans with exact itinerary prior to leaving! 6. Have a cell phone and charger packed. Bring a portable charger just in case of an emergency. 7. Wear flat, comfortable walking shoes with arch support. Slip on shoes with backs often work well for travel. If prone to swelling, lace up shoes are also a good option as you can adjust them as needed. Dress in layers to ensure that you can adjust your temperature comfortably. Wear your medic alert bracelet or necklace if you have one. 8. Carry only necessary items only, check other items to keep it easy and to avoid injury! Ship any holiday gifts or bulky items to your location prior to your departure. 9. Do your safety homework prior to leaving. Be mindful of safety considerations for the area in which you will be staying and traveling to. This is very important and should not be taken lightly. Check out the U.S. State Department website which offers specific safety information for various countries. 10. Avoid being a target for theft! Never put out the clean my room sign if one is offered! This indicates to all that you are out and that your room is vacant! For safety, try to request a room near an elevator, lobby, or on the main floor. Avoid staying by exterior stairs. 10. Try to make healthy dining choices even while away. Remember that if you are mindful of necessary restrictions and dietary basics you can have a better trip! Everything in moderation!

Happy Travels!

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