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Pet Visits and Emotional Support Animals

When an individual suffers from chronic illness they require frequent support, guidance, and care. Emotional support animals have been found to help in this regard.

The unquestioning love of an animal can be very therapeutic and have health benefits for many. Pet visits and emotional support animals can help to alleviate anxiety, depression and more,

by simply providing physical touch, unconditional love, and attention. They can also serve as a needed distraction, help to decrease blood pressure, and prompt fond memories for those with cognitive impairments.

If you would like to learn more about the process of obtaining an emotional support animal for your loved one please reach out through our contacts tab.

We can also provide onsite support if you feel that your loved one would benefit from routine pet visits from one of our trained emotional support animals.

Sweetie is pictured above and can come and comfort your loved one routinely. Our handlers always provide proof of registration and vet records upon their initial visit.

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