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Holiday Gift ideas!

As Black Friday approaches and the official start of the holiday shopping season many are unsure about what to get for the seniors in their life! Finding the right gift for a loved one can be difficult, especially as they approach their senior years! They often have different activities and interests, seem to have everything they need, or based on many holiday seasons you simple cannot imagine what would be thoughtful or meaningful!

Here are some fun ideas below!

- An amazon Echo which can provide them with music, games, and more! You can even do hands free check in with them through the app!

- A stitch fix subscription or similar company so that they will receive a few custom selected new clothing items monthly or quarterly. Can include general clothing items, purses, outerwear, shoes, and more! Male or female! It is often fun to get a surprise from time to time and not just over the holidays!

- Restaurant, movie, theater, or spa gift cards can still bel a thoughtful gift! Most seniors if able enjoy dining out or having so self care services done! This is something that they often do not want to pay for and is really a treat!

- A fun outing or day trip planned be enjoyed with them (nothing better than the gift of one's time). Some great ideas are: Escape the Room, Escape Room Live or other similar vendor, pottery painting, Muse paint bar painting night or another similar vendor, fun cooking class through cookology or Sur La Table, theater tickets to a play, symphony, choral concert, ballet, or opera, special tour such as Christmas at Mt. Vernon or other area tours, or even indoor skydiving for those without mobility issues as it is easier than you think and fun!

- Fun software or books that offer brain games and puzzles.

- Some personal training sessions, yoga or pilates classes, or a gym membership to keep them active, trying something new, socializing, and having fun!

So this holiday season think out fo the box! and if needing so additional suggests feel free to each out!

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