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Can a Care Manager Really Help Me?

No matter what your age or situation may be a care manager can make things easier! Whether your family member has complex care needs, is resistant to care, needs to find the right assisted living community, needs an advocate, has memory impairment or behavioral issues, is having coordination of care issues or problems accessing care, or is having difficulty with tasks such as maintaining their home or bill payment - a Care Manager can help to get all resolved in what will seem like minutes!

Care managers are specialized professionals who have many years of experience and are able to provide guidelines on many areas.

As an RN care manager, my specialty is managing clients with complex care needs and providing concierge-style care management for private clients of all ages. I have been educated in the various fields of human services, including case management, psychology and mental health, nursing, pediatrics, LGBTQ+, and gerontology. I am also trained to assess, plan, coordinate, monitor, and provide services for children, the elderly, those with complex care needs, complex situations, dementia and cognitive impairment, and their families, with advocacy for older adults being a primary focus and passion.

If you have a problem, a question, or an issue, based my experience, I can generally provide an answer and solution in a timely manner!

I usually begin with an onsite or telephone consultation. Then after speaking / meeting, assessing, and listening, I design a custom, personalized care plan, which addresses needs and provides recommendations while considering and respecting the wishes of the client and family. A wholistic, client focused approach is taken to care management, which means that I focus on the entire person and their overall well-being, expressed wishes, and goals for the future. As a care manager I take the lead as a primary point of contact to reinforce and support a collaborative practice model with other client health care providers, elder care attorneys, guardians, home health providers and more. I strive to bring the client team together to provide improved quality of care and clear, effective communication flow. Navigating our complex medical system can be challenging and disheartening at times - I take the frustration out of the equation and ensure that cost effective, prompt, quality care is provided for my clients based on their preferences and wishes.

Reach out today if we can assist in any way! Our services are always cost effective and accessible for all in need.

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