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Obtaining an Advocate!

Advocacy at the core ensures that those who are the most vulnerable are able to have their wishes expressed and their voice heard on issues of importance. Advocates defend, support, and safeguard the rights of others!

Having an advocate is especially important for those with chronic illness and older adults. An advocate can work with an individual in crisis or those facing a challenge in their life by supporting, discussing, and recommending the best potential next steps and options to manage their issues.

Advocacy is a key component of care management and Eldementals, LLC.

Our program can provide assistance in the following advocacy areas and more:

Assistance while in a rehab facility post illness to ensure wishes heard for care, future relocation, and living. Too many individuals end up in a skilled nursing home due to a lack of understanding on the part of rehab discharge planners. I see this every week sadly and have to fight for what is right. Many are afraid to push other options and end up with poor care and quality in this regard.

Assistance in obtaining a restraining order for a caregiver or family member who is threatening or trying to take advantage.

Help in finding the best options for relocation after illness or financial changes.

Assistance in setting a budget, long term planning, and finding supportive resources after recently losing employment, retiring early, government shutdown, developing a chronic illness, or moving.

Assistance with a family member challenging ones competency to obtain guardianship or control for potentially financial benefit. Elder care abuse comes in many forms sadly!

Assistance to ensure all the proper steps are being taken to become linked to medicaid or to avoid foreclosure.

Help in closing a bank account and cancelling social security following a family members passing.

Stopping financial abuse or manipulation by a family member.

Assistance in terminating a bank card or checking account that a family member accessed without permission.

Assistance in sorting out a spouses social security or life insurance policy when unable to get a response or assistance.

Guidance in determining what entitlement benefits or resources are available and assistance accessing!

Needing an advocate due to living alone and being without family support.

Please reach out if you require assistance as we are here to help every step of the way!

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