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Transgender Challenges

The news has recently been filled with growing challenges for the LGBTQ+ and transgender community. Transgender individuals are often met with significant challenges throughout their lifetimes which can become even more difficult as they grow older. Transgender teens are often unable to get the support and access to medical treatment required to live authentically. And transgender seniors may experience inconsistent and disjointed access to care and services, senior housing and coordination options, home care and more. A lack of education, understanding of their needs, compassion, ineffective communication, discrimination, and other difficulties can present transgender individuals with frustration, sadness, and at times unwanted conflict.

Senior care and our current aging services do not address transgender health fully or adequately. It is only recently that transgender health is being addressed and taught in medical schools sadly. Senior living communities and other senior care providers as a result are inadequately prepared for and often times do not provide compassionate, consistent, knowledgeable, or competent care and services for these individuals. Senior residential care environments and home care providers need to have educational programs for care providers and practices in place that support and affirm the gender identities and expressions of transgender individuals and seniors!

If you are a transgender individual of any age that needs someone to advocate for them and assist in getting competent and customized care please reach out to us via our contact page! We will get you the care, respect, and support that you deserve!

Our mission is to serve and advocate for all individuals with complex care situations!

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