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Local Providers Who are Doing More!

From time to time I like to highlight providers who are going above and beyond in terms of services, cost, innovation, and quality.

PHS Healthcare Management is a continuum of care organization servicing the DC Metro area. PHS provides a variety of services to meet the needs of clients:

PHS Healthcare Management has 4 service divisions to meet client needs:

Pro Healthcare Servicing is a JCAHO accredited Nursing and Rehabilitative Home Healthcare company with unique programs and approaches for clients with many different needs at home.

PHS Hospice is an ACHC certified hospice company providing end of life and palliative care for patients and their families during their most critical and sensitive time. Routine and continuous care is available with attention to the patient and family with a comprehensive patient and family centered approach.

•Pinnacle Touch is a licensed personal private duty care company. Client needs met with certified staff for assistance with personal care and light household chores and, with activities of daily living.

Prestige Medical House Call Management; services from a licensed physician or advanced care practitioner in the patients home. Eliminating the need for trips to the community for routine preventive and minor acute care needs.

The PHS continuum believes in the power of coordinated care. With their family of services from all 4 divisions they work together and communicate symbiotically to ensure a well rounded health plan is available and provided with excellence to our patients, without the burden of leaving home when unnecessary travel can increase risk to the patients well being.

From routine maintenance therapy, skilled nursing and comprehensive rehabilitation therapy, personal care and services, coordination of ancillary services such as laboratory and radiology services, and physician services all the way to Hospice care; PHS Healthcare Management has all of the boxes checked for aging in place in your family home or community retirement facility. Serving your healthcare needs at home allows clients and families the opportunity to focus more on what’s important!

PHS collaborates with care management to ensure that all areas are addressed and planned for! Their services allow individuals to age in place and to have support after surgery or hospitalization.

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