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Genetic Testing An Option for Better Management of Mental Health Challenges

For those with chronic depression or suffering from other mental health challenges finding the right treatment and medication regime can be difficult, time consuming, and often frustrating. A trial and error approach has often been taken by physicians in the past, which can be discouraging.

Fortunately, Pharmacogenomic testing is now a viable and effective option for obtaining the right path for many. This genetic testing provides health care providers with more meaningful and specific information to assist in prescribing the best medication and best dosage range for an individual. By examining how an individuals DNA responds to specific medications such as antidepressants, antipsychotics, anti anxiety medications the best treatment regime can be obtained faster and easier. This testing is painless and requires only a cheek swab.

There are several companies that provide genetic testing, which I have used consistently and successfully for many of my patients with mental health challenges. I have been really pleased with the results as with proper medication matching and dosing it takes the guesswork out of prescribing and leads to better outcomes for my patients. And, for patients that have traditional Medicare or a Medicaid plan, the out of pocket cost is $0. Most insurance companies will also cover this testing!

If you would like more information on the above or on how to better manage depression, challenging behaviors, or other mental health challenges please reach out via out contacts tab.

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