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Recent Podcast with the Positive Brain

Thinking about getting older? Are you stressed? This can be even more stressful for older adults in the LGBT community! Who can I trust? Who can help me? Who will provide me with good inclusive care? Will I be safe? Can I live authentically? Many take these thoughts for granted. Listen to this conversation with Peggy Breda and Toni Reinheart when they discuss helping and being advocates for the LGBT community with Karen M. McPhail, RN, MSN, CDP, Director of Aging Rainbows, and Managing Director of Eldementals, LLC.

This will be available through Apple Podcasts - Search The Positive Brain, Toni Reinhart, LGBTQ Advocacy or see below:

Tune in weekly to this podcast for a variety of informative topics!

For more information for LGBT Older Adults and Allies, visit:! Local socialization programs, healthcare resources, and more !

Don't Forget to listen Next Week to The Positive Brain...

Peggy & Toni speak will with Nicole McMonigle Knight with Dementia Care Connections, when they discuss Memory Cafes. Nicole is passionate about having inclusive programs and memory cafes!

Are You a Positive Thinker?

How do you stay positive? How has staying positive helped you succeed and have a happy life? Share with the Positive Brain a story about staying positive and how it may have helped you through a difficult time. Email Peggy and Toni at

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