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  • Karen McPhail, RN, MSN, CDP

Happy 4th of July!

Summer time! A time filled with barbecues, celebrations, travel, and more! Along the way we sometimes get caught up in the festivities and develop a pattern of over indulging a bit more also!

Try to follow these healthy dining guidelines to ensure a wonderful holiday celebration and summer season!

1. Remember everything in moderation! Try to eat balanced meals throughout the summer season. With so many fresh and heathy ingredients to generally choose from during the summer months take advantage of some natural treats and healthier options!

2. On the day of a holiday still eat a regular healthy breakfast and lunch so that you do not overeat later. Never go to an event hungry! Sometimes at a barbecue we tend to pick at appetizers and other items throughout not realizing how much we are really consuming. This especially happens with deserts that are often out and in larger quantities!

3. Even when busy or entertaining stay hydrated by keeping a pitcher or star cup out as a reminder to maintain healthy hydration. On hot days ensure that you are drinking water and drinking an electrolyte based beverage to ensure hydration! Be mindful of alcoholic beverage intake; keep to minimum in the heat!

4. Stick to your usual healthy portion sizes while dining and try to limit. your sugar and salt intake. Maintain balance!

5. If you are on a special diet ensure that you stick to the guidelines. Inform your host prior to coming as barbecues and holiday events can be fun, festive, and healthy!!! Even desserts can be modified in a successful and mindful way with proper planning!

6. Remember to take advantage of the nicer weather and exercise throughout the season as usual - Even when on vacation try to stick to your routine and you will have fun and feel terrific!

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