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  • Karen McPhail, RN, MSN, CDP

How Care Managers Often Help Others to Embrace Moving to a Care Community!

I am often asked, "How did you get my mom to embrace moving to a care community? I have tried for years and she would never listen!"

Sometimes it is all in the approach! Professional care managers often have the knowledge, experience, and counseling skills necessary to positively move people forward in a variety of ways!

Care managers take an individualized and client focused approach by completing a holistic and comprehensive, face to face evaluation, followed by detailed recommendations, and an action plan. They are active listeners who try to clearly understand the client and family goals and find ways to support their expressed wishes.

The evaluation process focuses on many areas that perhaps have been missed, ignored, or overlooked in the past and may be directly impacting overall health, functionality, or happiness.

Emergency plans, nutrition, socialization support, family dynamics, cultural and spiritual aspects, home environment, cognition, mental health, general safety, mobility, care related needs, legal, financial aspects, and more are explored and recommendations are made to collaboratively plan for the future in a positive way. Clients and families feel supported and understood along the way, which relieves tension, frustration, and decreases anxiety and potential conflict.

A Care Manager takes time to understand the overall needs, potential fears, stressors, and more of their clients. They serve as a primary point of contact and a support system, by pulling all the areas and disciplines together to form one cohesive action plan that effectively meets the needs of the individual and supports their expressed wishes.

This plan is a working document that forecasts for the future, but provides for flexibility and is routinely modified based on client changes and additional expressed wishes.

Transparency of information is supported and encouraged throughout to minimize stress and to prevent the potential for family conflicts.

Counseling services are provided to supplement and ensure that everyone is on the same page and well supported on their terms along the way.

Care Managers over time develop a strong bond with their clients that foster trust and security.

So when families are surprised that I am able to help their loved one EASILY understand why a move to Assisted living may be best for them, I realize that it truly was not simple or easy, but merely a process...

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