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  • Karen McPhail, RN, MSN, CDP

Dining Out With a Loved one with Dementia- Steps for Creating Positive Moments!

Dining out is an important social activity for most individuals. For those with dementia, however, going out to eat can be challenging at times and as a result stressful for family members and friends accompanying them. The purpose of this blog is to provide care partners with essential information and supportive materials to make dining out positive and successful!

Key points for Dining Out:

• Be realistic and flexible when dining out!

• When reserving a table choose a time of day that is easiest for your fam-

ily member based on their behavioral patterns. Usually dining out for

lunch or earlier in the day is best!

• Bring along a photo menus to support your meal time if helpful. You can download one of our menu templates to customize based

on diner preferences or use it as is! Reach out to us via the contacts tab for assistance!

• Choose a table in a quiet corner or reserve a private dining room if pos-

sible. Designate to the restaurant when reserving that you will need a

quiet area.

• Open Table has a special instructions area at the bottom of reservations

where you can indicate this along with other dining preferences.

• Use purple tables if available in your area to assist in finding a dementia

friendly restaurant.

• Choose restaurants that are dementia friendly designated or that you

know will be quiet and without crowds, loud noises, or appearing hectic

or fast paced.

Reach out to a care manager if you require additional guidance and assistance!

Karen McPhail is the Chair of the Dementia Friendly Herndon restaurant Committee and has completed their dining initiatives and restaurant training programs. If you are a restaurant owner or manager in the Herndon, VA are and would like a training program please reach out via the contacts tab.

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