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Aging Life Care Professionals- What to Explore Before Hiring!

As a part of Aging Life Care Month I wanted to touch base on some key components when hiring an aging life care professional - also often referred to as a geriatric care manager or care advisor.

When hiring additional assistance in terms of an Aging Life Care professional do your homework! Here are some helpful questions to explore before hiring!

1. How long have they been practicing? What are their credentials? Will they provide recommendation letters or allow you to contact past clients for a reference? An RN care manager is often a more adaptable and broader option for care management as other disciplines are at times slightly limited due to a lack of clinical expertise. Many aspects of care management at times require a clinician such as an RN.

2. Are they a large company or a smaller personalized service provider? This can make a huge difference depending upon the type of attention, expertise, continuity, and relationship that you desire.

3. How do they bill? Do they bill per hour? Do they bill for travel time? Ensure that you get a fee schedule and clear break down of costs before signing a service agreement. Watch for hidden costs. You should be getting value for your dollars spent! Most care managers bill by the hour and charge for travel time.

4. Do they provide flexible billing plans or discounts for those who have financial challenges and limitations? We provide services for all individuals ; there is always a plan that can be arrived upon to support care and quality.

We have decided over the years to take a very different approach to our client management and billing. Our holistic approach to care and even billing is NOT usually done by other care management organizations. We offer individualized and creative payment plans, set budgets for care management services, consider financial hardship, and more.

The client is always the focus and we work hard to maximize funds for care needs along the way. We provide an overview of services provided with our billing statements also each month. This is so that you understand clearly what is happening, being billed for, and being provided. Everyone should receive value for their money and know exactly what they are paying for each month in terms of dollars and service. Most people like to set and stay on a budget; our creative approaches support this type of fixed cost billing situation. We always ensure that clients clearly understand and agree to the monthly cosst and the recommended services prior to moving forward. In addition, we never deny a client due to financial constraints and can always create a beneficial situation to ensure quality care and over site.

When looking for an aging life care professional ensure that you are getting someone who understands your goals, needs and budget. Interview several! Ask lots of questions and do your research before moving forward! Ensure that you are getting the best fit for you and value for your money as you and your loved ones deserve it!

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