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Please check out!

I am part of a group that recently launched a pretty amazing initiative to help everyone get some normalcy back in our lives during these abnormal times.

We are a team of entrepreneurs and executives who came together to brainstorm ways we could use our combined experience to bring ideas to life in this unusual time of COVID-19. is brought to you by Laukti.

Laukti is a free app that provides COVID-19 related safety data for places you frequent or may want to visit. Think of Laukti as that friend, neighbor or colleague you would turn to for advice. At a time when we all want to be able to get information on what’s safe for ourselves, family and friends, Laukti answers the question: is it ok to go there right now?

Laukti in Lithuanian means: to wait; to expect; to anticipate; to hope!

This time of COVID is unprecedented, so let’s all help each other. Sharing is caring!

Check out, share, spread the word about - this is an altruistic initiative with self funding and no financial goals!

We just want to provide a public service to help inform everyone about the Covid safety of a particular place. Restaurants, parks, libraries, hotels, gyms, Assisted Living and elder care, health clubs, apartment complexes, grocery stores etc. information is all crowd sourced and we need your help to provide information to help each other.

Thanks for helping to spread the word! Check it out!

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