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  • Karen McPhail, RN, MSN

Having a Care Manager as an Advocate can Safeguard your Loved one in a Congregate Care Setting!

During the Covid pandemic congregate care settings have been forced for resident safety to intermittently close down or limit visitation and internal socialization programs. Residents have sadly been quarantined often to their apartments for long stretches of time and unable to see family or friends on a regular basis. Many families are left feeling disconnected and out of the loop on daily aspects and have valid concerns over socialization, staffing, and overall quality of care.

When family members cannot see their loved one or access the care community, RN care managers can! We can still ensure that quality of care happens, that creative mechanisms for socialization, cognitive stimulation, and activity are put in place, that holistic care and services are provided based on individuals expressed wishes, and that everyone is given peace of mind for navigating the challenges in a positive way!

If you have a loved one in skilled nursing, assisted living, or memory care and have concerns reach out to us today as we are here to help and to be an advocate!

It is also prudent to explore long term care planning for you or your loved one to ensure all aspects have been planned for properly per your expressed wishes.

Ask one of our staff members about this today to receive a Long Term Care Planning template and instructional packet to begin this process.

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