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  • Karen McPhail, RN, MSN

Liability and Renters Insurance for Assisted Living - Often Forgotten!

Assisted living communities serve individuals who generally require assistance with a variety of aspects of daily living and health care related services. Although many common aspects exist each individual has different holistic needs and expressed wishes along the way that often change overtime. While assisted living aims to provide a safe, supported, and protective environment, a resident may still have the potential for personal liability risks. Liability and renters coverage is something that is often forgotten about and overlooked by many individuals and families. Assisted living facilities of course have insurance policies in place, but this does not extend to resident rooms as they do not provide general liability protection specifically for residents. General Liabilty and renters coverage is therefore prudent. This is especially important for higher risk individuals such as those in memory care who may have challenging or unpredictable behaviors or those with short terms memory challenges.

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