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Making the Most of Social Distancing!

We all now understand the importance of social distancing during this challenging time, but how does one remain sane while doing so? It is important to take a holistic approach during this time in a positive way so that we can all weather this Covid storm!

Try some of these ideas to keep calm, engaged, and happy:

1. Take time to learn something new! Get out your yoga mat, exercise tapes, craft supplies, cook books, knitting or cross stitch, painting, sewing machine, drawing board, and take a look at that piano that has been sitting in the corner collecting dust for months! Everyone needs purpose and at this time you will need to set this intention on your terms! Since others are also in need consider safety taking using your skills to help others. Always reach out to organizations before beginning this to ensure that you are helping on their terms and in a safe manner for you and others.

If you are not internet savvy now is the time to also perhaps learn more in this regard! Trust me you will not break the internet when doing so! There are online classes for every single topic one could think of; take this time as am opportunity as many options are now offered free of charge that were not in the past! I am taking piano lessons online and loving it!!!

If you are internet savvy stay connected and informed, but also take time away from social media as to not raise stress levels! Change, vary, or decorate your work station area to de-stress and make it cheerful if working from home, etc. Varity is the spice of life!!!

2. Make an effort each day on your terms! While it is clearly fun or a few days to lounge around at home in our pajamas this is not the best pattern to form and can lead to anxiety and mood issues overtime. Try to start off each day by simply making your bed as this will give you visual and emotionally a feeling of accomplishment and fresh start to each day. It is sort of like starting off with a clean slate! And we all know that disorganization and clutter leads to anxiety and stress so this will as silly as it sounds help! Also, by all means stay comfortable, but at least trade off the pajamas for sweat pants and remember to address hygiene along the way as important for overall health. Keeping a similar routine to what you had previously will also be helpful in combating loneliness and stress.

3. Use your down time wisely. As I have said before clutter leads to stress, so take this time to reorganize some items in your home. This will help you to feel a sense of accomplishment and calmness. Reach out online to an organizational professional for online guidance and consultation. We love The Organizing Mentors who are very knowledgable, creative, and cost effective. Also use this time to ensure your health is kept on track by eating healthy, exercising on your terms daily, hydrating well, etc

(all of course based on your health specifics with physician guidance). This is a great time and opportunity to break dysfunctional cycles and begin healthy new ones!

4. Practice mindfulness and mediation on your terms. If you develop an established pattern of doing this daily you can go to this when having a crisis as a safety net for anxiety, stress, etc. Remember to just let things come on your terms and do not set any expexctations! There is really no wrong way to meditate. There are many guided imagery mediations such as the tree meditation that can be helpful to use at least at the beginning to calming music. Remember to set aside time for this each day and in an area where you will not be disturbed...just perfect for social distancing!!! Reach out as we are happy to share our guided mediations and some further steps to control panic attacks and anxiety. We are here to help!

5. Embrace the positives. Reflect daily on the positives in your life as even during difficult times there are some still there. Focus on those being cured and released after Covid rather than the hospitalizations, etc.

Stay in, safe, and well!

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