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Navigating the New Normal!

As we can all sadly see Covid-19 is not going anywhere for awhile... With re-surges happening in many states across the country and across the world we all need to find a way to adjust and to move forward safely and happily.

But how does one do this amid all the challenges?

Below are some simple steps to take in supporting life safety during our continuing public health issues:

  1. Adjust to wearing a mask because you are going to need to wear one for awhile! The good news is now one can find a variety of cloth masks for purchase online and in stores. Find a mask that is washable, fits you well, has a moldable nose piece, has disposable insert options, and is comfortable for you. I really like VIDA masks which are available online, but every has different needs and requirements in terms of fit and comfort so find what works for you! To each his own!

  2. Ensure that you take time to think about your health and wellness and organize your health information. What care do you want if you become ill and what care do you not want? What is important to you? Think about legal decision makers and ensure that you have all your legal documents in place. Remember if you do not put your wishes down in writing then others will then make decisions and choices based on what they feel is best which may not be what you want! Seek guidance from an eldercare attorney to ensure all documents are valid and all areas have been considered.

  3. Have a central place for documents, ideally in binder -- this should include POA's, your current medication list, list of health care providers, medical and surgical history including allergies, emergency contacts, copies of license and insurance cards, etc. Keep with this binder of documents a small ziplock bag with some disposable masks, a few sets of disposable gloves, and a small hand sanitizer in case of emergencies.

  4. Start to assemble a team to support care. Everyone should have an RN care manager to guide and serve as an advocate, a good accountant, a trusted financial manager, an eldercare attorney, and a strong primary care physician. Consider forming a Covid plan for care and do some long term care planning. An RN care manager can assist with this, so feel free to reach out via out contacts tab! Planning will lessen anxiety, help you feel in control, ensure your wishes are valued, and lead to better health outcomes longterm.

  5. If you are seriously ill or have a life limiting condition, consider also having a POLST form completed. POLST is a portable medical, physician order that travels with you no mater where you go. POLST was created to fix the challenges that some seriously ill or frail individuals have with advance directives and Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders. POLST form works together with your advanced directive to ensure that your wishes regarding care are carried out effectively. For more information visit:

  6. Stay ahead of the game always! Do not wait until you are almost out of a medication for refills and ensure that you have a mechanism to obtain medications contact free if needed. Ensure that you keep your groceries and routinely used items well stocked. Do not hoard, but stay on track. Again, explore contact are deliveries to minimize risk.

  7. Ensure that you have safe health and social practices routinely. Consider shopping at non-peak times, dine outdoors at non peak times, have friends visit masked and outside keeping appropriate distancing in mind. Ask others about their health and daily practices before having a visit. Ensure that anyone coming into your home wears a mask at all times. Take walks and outings on your terms in a safe manner abiding by the basic masking and social distancing guidelines. Make an effort to exercise daily, eat a well balanced diet and stay hydrated based always on your health guidelines. Keep good hygiene; being clean is important! Change your clothing daily, wash your hands after outings and at other appropriate times, sanitize when out and about.

  8. Ensure that you listen to and follow valid, factual information regarding Covid and health prevention. If you require support or guidance in this regard please reach out as we are here to help!

If we are all mindful, prudent, careful, and considerate, we can continue to live safe and full lives during these challenging public health issues!

Remember to join us for our upcoming webinar:

Forming a Covid Plan of Care

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Part I: July 23rd at 12:00 PM

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Hosted by:​

Karen McPhail, RN, MSN, CDP, CCTC, Managing Director, Eldementals, LLC​


​Carolyn Pennington, CDP, Community Sales Director, Brightview Great Falls

Learn why you need a Covid plan for care in this two part series where professionals will walk you through the steps of creating a Covid Care Plan! You will not only learn why you need one, but also what are important aspects to consider during this process.

In Part II of this discussion we will reconnect to see how you did and what challenges you had, if any.

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