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  • Karen McPhail, RN, MSN

Why I do What I do

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Since the age of 4 when asked what do you want to do when you grow up I would simply and truthfully reply, "help people". This early formed goal and focus has not really changed across my life span. And on the anniversary of my father's passing today I remember my roots, reflect on lessons learned, and also some mistakes made along the way. My father was a bright, witty, and charismatic individual who was liked by many. He was a hard worker and came from a family of immigrants. He often told larger than life stories about his travels and adventures across the globe and throughout his work life. He was honest, blunt at times, and was often called upon as a mentor for his ability to give truly thoughtful and well intentioned advise. He was a liver and a planner except when it came to estate and end of life care planning. Of course he had a trust, appropriate savings, and a will in place, but other specifics were very vague and never discussed. He was cryptic and secretive in this regard and had difficulties looking into the future. As a result many steps where not taken and many preventable conflicts emerged. This is a reason why I began further stressing the need for Long Term Care Planning several years ago for my patients. Having plan in place helps to lead to transparency of information exchange, lessens anxiety, provides clarity, and decreases the opportunity for conflict. It also supports your wishes being valued and carried out effectively.

Be a liver, a planner and an active communicator! Reach out today so we can help you begin this process, because more than anything else we want to help you.

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