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Why It Is Beneficial for Service Providers To Collaborate with Care Managers

Many general practitioners, geriatricians, care communities, and other service providers spend extensive time on non-billable patient management and communication. Having a collaborative partnership with a care manager can often be the answer to many clinical management challenges and lead to better outcomes and patient satisfaction.

What can a Care Manager do?

  • Assisting to streamline communication by serving as a liaison and primary point of contact for all involved parties.

  • Providing individualized 24 hour, 7 day a week access to clinical guidance, support, and care management services.

  • Management of challenging patient / family dynamics allowing other clinicians to focus on providing quality care within the scope of practice.

  • Clinical care management, facility care plan meeting participation, at home customized care plans, and interdisciplinary care coordination to support better compliance with care regimes and quality outcomes.

  • Proactive approaches to clinical management to prevent falls, hospitalizations, and impact quality and holistic wellness.

  • In depth, customized cognitive evaluations and recommendations using BCAT system and other diagnostic tools. Behavior Modification Assistance adn caregiver education and support.

  • Strategic long term care planning to ensure clinical needs met long term based on expressed wishes.

  • Connecting patients with appropriate and cost effective resources as needed and utilization of appropriate entitlement programs to minimize costs and maximize services and quality.

  • Assisting with mental health and adjustment issues based on changes in medical condition, the need for care at home, or in a care community.

  • Alternative living coordination and relocation assistance to ensure proper fit based on care needs, budget, and patient wishes. Assitance with aging in place and at home assisted living.

  • Advocacy services for older adults and those in need.

  • Assisting with transportation, expedited testing, and consults,

  • Entitlement program guidance and benefits and insurance review.

  • Socialization support, pet visits, and out of state / distant family care management.

  • Care coordination for complex disease processes.

  • In facility collaboration and quality of care reviews, and more…

Care Managers work in collaboration with physicians, hospitals, discharge planners, elder care law attorneys, individuals & families impacted by acute, chronic, or degenerative conditions, banks & trusts, guardians & powers of attorney, senior communities, rehab facilities, home health agencies, PT, OT, speech, nutrition, hospice organizations, adult protective services, adult & child daycares, mental health professionals, community outreach programs, & social workers. 

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