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  • Karen McPhail, RN, MSN

Why One Needs A Covid Plan for Care - RSVP For This Free Informative Webinar!

Meet us on Zoom

Part I: July 23rd at 12:00 PM

Part II: August 20th at 12:00 PM

Hosted by:​

Karen McPhail, RN, MSN, CDP, CCTC, Managing Director, Eldementals, LLC​


​Carolyn Pennington, CDP, Community Sales Director, Brightview Great Falls

Learn why you need a Covid plan for care in this two part series where professionals will walk you through the steps of creating a Covid Care Plan! You will not only learn why you need one, but also what are important aspects to consider during this process.

In Part II of this discussion we will reconnect to see how you did and what challenges you had, if any.

RSVP Here Today to receive your Zoom Link!

Or contact Brightview Great Falls - Carolyn Pennington directly with any questions: (703) 759-2513 or by email:

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