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Creating Clarity - An Individualized Plan for Every Path


A Message From Our Founder

Karen McPhail 


A wise woman once told me that the path is best traveled with others.

Navigating the many complexities of today’s healthcare system is challenging and very confusing for many.  I know, as I have been there as a caregiver in the past for my two parents with complex conditions.  I understand the frustration and rollercoaster of emotions that are experienced as a caregiver.  I understand the struggle in trying to balance work, life, and more, all the while experiencing the overwhelming feeling of being pulled in so many different directions.  But this is why I love being a care manager, as I can take my knowledge, skills, and experience to help create calm amid the chaos. We are experts in our field and have the ability to provide support, resources, and answers.  As a masters’-prepared nurse, with additional nurse practitioner training and certification as a care manager, I have focused my career on helping others to successfully maneuver the challenges of chronic and complex conditions and care situations.  


We have an absolutely fabulous team of care managers and support staff to ensure that your individualized needs are successfully met.  We employ a trauma-informed and long-term care planning approach to client management to guarantee that proactive planning in alignment with expressed wishes is made a key focus.  Diversity, equity, and inclusion are also paramount to our practice. We strive to help all individuals in finding the right path for their needs and wishes. We are pleased to be one of the few care management companies to offer the entire continuum of care - geriatrics, pediatrics, teen, and adolescent services, along with support for mental health, complex conditions, dementia, and crisis-intervention specialities.  


Our care managers offer onsite, telephone, and virtual consultations and evaluations to guarantee that we meet your needs and schedule!  We hope that you will soon discover how we are truly different at Eldementals!  We look forward to working with you!






General Consultations

Navigating the complexities of Eldercare is challenging and truly exhausting. Karen and her team are experts in the field, who know exactly what to do and how to do it. 



Karen's training and experience has made her a very knowledgeable advisor and I trust her opinion emphatically.


Kindness, knowledge, and caring individuals. Highly recommend Eldementals.



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