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eldementals |ˌeldəˈmen(t)ls|:
The basic elements or
fundamentals of living!



How We ARE Different!

Our mission is to be effective patient advocates, to ensure that high quality care is delivered to our clients within the guidelines of their specified wishes, and to serve as an ongoing support to their family and loved ones.  We will never deny any client and will strive to be an expert in the field.  We promise to provide customized, responsive, client-focused care to fit any need and any budget.  We never take compensation from any vendors so that our opinions remain unbiased and based on professional experience only.  


We work in collaboration with physicians, hospitals, discharge planners, elder care law attorneys, individuals and families impacted by acute, chronic, or degenerative conditions, banks and trusts, guardians and powers of attorney, SNF, AL, IL, rehab and LTC communities, home health agencies, PT, OT, speech, nutrition, hospice organizations, adult protective services, adult daycares, community outreach programs, and social workers. 


Services available, but not limited to:

  • Long term care planning

  • Care Management

  • In depth cognitive evaluations with detailed recommendations and reports, using BCAT and other tools

  • Interdisciplinary care coordination

  • 24 hour access to care and guidance

  • Consultation and care assessments

  • Telehealth consultations and remote guidance

  • Assistance and counseling for anger management, panic attacks, and anxiety

  • Customized care plans

  • Expedited services

  • Healthcare advocacy

  • Assistance in resolving resistance to care

  • Concierge style health management

  • Relocation services and alternative living coordination

  • Turn key relocation services and onsite support 

  • Coordination of and assistance at medical appointments, consults, and testing

  • Transportation coordination 

  • Benefits and insurance review

  • LGBTQIA+ health support, guidance, and advocacy for all ages

  • Out of state / distant family care management

  • Dementia care guidance, relocation and transition support, medication and behavior management guidance, individualized daily routines and customized activity programs 

  • Socialization support

  • Medical equipment and home modification assistance

  • Decluttering and organization

  • Caregiver education and training

  • Dementia education, support, counseling, and specialized programming

  • Care coordination for complex disease processes

  • Legal designee duties, funeral coordination, and planning

  • In facility quality of care rounding, reviews and more…

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We are covered by most long term care insurance plans! 


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