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Our Mission

Our mission is to be effective patient advocates, to ensure that high quality, holistic care is delivered to our clients within the guidelines of their specified wishes, and to serve as an ongoing support to their family and loved ones.  We will never deny any client and will strive to be an expert in the field.  We promise to provide customized, responsive, client-focused care to fit any need and any budget.  We never take compensation from any vendors so that our opinions remain unbiased and based on professional experience only.  

How Are We Different?

We are not just aging life care professionals - We offer comprehensive and holistic RN care management services for all ages!


Navigating past the many complexities of today's healthcare environment is stressful and frustrating for many. With over 30 Years of experience in the healthcare industry you are in good hands with Eldementals! We are clinical  experts in the field with the knowledge, experience, and resources to effectively guide the way!  


Care management is a discipline intended to improve patient care, outcomes, quality of life, and reduce the need for unnecessary medical services by enhancing coordination of care, fostering communication, eliminating duplication and error, and assisting patients and caregivers to more effectively  manage health conditions.


RN Care Managers are experts in their field with a wealth of knowledge and experience.  These skills enable them to  advocate, support, and guide individuals in effectively navigating the many complexities of  the health care system. 


We work in collaboration with physicians, hospitals, discharge planners, eldercare attorneys, financial planners, accountants, individuals and families impacted by acute, chronic, or degenerative conditions, banks and trusts, guardians and powers of attorney, SNF, AL, IL, rehab and LTC communities, home health agencies, PT, OT, speech, nutrition, hospice organizations, adult protective services, adult daycares, community outreach programs, and social workers.


Reach out today to see how we can make life easier and better.  You do not have to do this alone - we are here to help and guide the way !







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