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Benefits of Hiring a Care Manager

A CM serves as an advocate for clients by monitoring quality of care in a variety of ways.  First, they guide clients and families in navigating the complexities of the continuum of care and in providing and linking them to available resources for long-term care planning and support.  Second, CM’s can expedite testing, consults and provide clarity in terms of disease management and treatment options.  They can assess a person’s current living situation and provide recommendations for home modification to ensure safety, comfort and more. Relocation, decluttering, and organization assistance can also be provided.  Whether the need is for chronic disease management, home care, skilled nursing, assisted living, hospital treatment, rehab, or memory care, a CM can help navigate successfully any scenario.  Appointments and testing become effortless as they can arrange testing, consults and appointments, along with transportation.  They can even accompany the client to take detailed notes, ask helpful questions and communicate information to health care providers and family.   CM’s ensure that medication changes are made correctly and that doctors’ orders are understood and followed.  In facility care is monitored and quality of care issues are addressed and resolved timely.  If a client has complex care needs, they can ensure that consults and testing are done timely and even help to find the right specialist if needed.  If socialization is a challenge they can assist by linking clients to programs of interest, helping with outings, and even providing customized in home activity programs.  Every aspect of care is client centered and managed by a CM.  As a result, clients with care management assistance avoid unnecessary hospitalizations and care related issues.  The CM is someone who will monitor quality and proper coordination of care throughout, while keeping all health care providers on track and working together!  CM’s are also referred to as Care Advisors and as Aging Life Care Professionals for older adults.  Care advisor services are covered by many long term care insurance policies. 

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